Monday, April 07, 2008

Knox Charter Drama

As I sit here at West High School I wonder, is Knox County really screwed up or really working?

I'm at a meeting to discuss the Knox County Charter Amendments and how to address the clear problems we have had over the past few years. As of now the County Commission has passed the first reading of 7 of the 9 proposed ballot initiatives, but refused to set up a study committee to review the amendments to make it on the August ballot, or something like that the details are beyond difficult to keep straight.

At the steering committee meeting, of which I am not a part, at least not yet, there was a discussion of the direction the effort was going and an explanation of each existing proposal. Meaning that the 20 some odd people there who supported the initiative could understand what was going on and help to explain.

At the Public Forum (where I am right now) there are approximately 75 to 100 people, many of those elected officials, hopeful elected officials, and media. I'll post in a minute about how some of the Q&A sessions go, in the past apparently it's been rather heated.

To be honest, before the forum started they asked for all candidates to go down to the front and say a little something and yours truly didn't. I know, I know grow a pair, sorry I'm still trying to feel my way around this election thing ok.

Oh, also I ran into one of the boys from Knoxify here and they are like us, just stoked about Knoxville and it's funky little ways and interested in their community.

But back on topic, I think Knox County is actually running rather well and here's why. There has been heated debate, community activism, and lots of attention on an issue that could just be written off as, "Oh well, the good ol' boys are running amuck again what can you do." I think that good will come of the many bads that we've seen recently and that out of this chaos we will have a more mature and stronger government that the citizenry can depend on.

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ck said...

grow a pair!
i wish i could have been there to watch you sweat it out, debating whether or not to go up.
also, reader and writers, free lessons in fine carpentry will be given tomorrow at 1416 hannah ave. come slave away... i mean, learn.

Anonymous said...

The Pol in the house...nice to meet you my friend. Hey, when the time is right for you, the time is right. Let the people vote!


stan said...

wait. you've been using me as a slave all this time?!

duped again.

ck said...

maybe it will take the sting away to know you're the hardest working slave i've got. the pol would've been whipped for laziness 160 years ago.