Saturday, April 26, 2008

some thoughts as i curse white wine

Or rather, curse myself for drinking so much of it.

I have always been a red wine drinker, but since I started boot camp, I've preferred white. I dont know? Maybe it's more refreshing?

Anyway, I sure did drink a lot of it last night.

It was our monthly boot camp celebration party, when we invite all the campers to come out and celebrate all their hard work. World's Fair Park and Lakeshore are a week apart this month, so this was the Lakeshore celebration. I didn't know many of the campers, but I knew all the instructors. And I also got pretty friendly with that bottle of wine.

After Thai, Cheryl and I went to Koi in Market Square, which I believe is owned by the same people.

Anyway, as I sit here with a massive hangover, babysitting my friend's 19 month old son, stealing his goldfish crackers from his bowl (dont judge me), I am thinking about a conversation I had last night.

Someone starting talking to me blog! This blog! In public! Not on the internets! And I have to say, once he brought it up, I immediately became embarrassed. I dont really know why this is, but it was like I had been outed somehow. Yes, I know blogs are in a public sphere, blah blah. And it's not that I'm not proud of the thing...Well, actually I'm not...that's just not the sort of person I am...

But what I mean, it was all just very strange for me. But we talked about the blog, and the point is that this friend of mine said he loved it. And that made me smile. If nothing else, we can at least make people smile once a day. Or distract them from work. Or be bad babysitters. Whatever.


Chris said...

I've had several friends/acquaintances who have found my blog and I had the same reaction you did, when they told me.

The other thought I had was "Oh crap...did I say anything that might have offended them?"

ck said...

it's started happening to me too. a few thousand people have seen this thing now. but mostly it was people who already knew me and then saw the wigshop. i haven't had a stranger recognize me yet.

Mickey said...

So bloggers are real people?

And they drink copious amounts of alcohol?


stan said...

i don't judge you for stealing goldfish from children. if they can't fend off for themselves, they'll never make it. it's a dog eat dog world out there, em.

i do take issue with this, "i'm not proud of the blog" nonsense. isn't this blog what you base all personal value on?....

oh, that's just me then.