Thursday, April 17, 2008


Instaknox, a concept from the guys over at Knoxify and Knox'd, is trying to make a forum where Knoxvillians can meet and discuss things that are going on here in, get it, Knoxville. There are a whole slew of subject based forums on the internets, but geographic/city-based forums are relatively new. Instead of meeting someone virtually because, say, you both love Battlestar Galactica (which is not to say that I, um... anyways) but because you both live in and contribute to the same community. Sounds worthy, right?

While sci-fi and political forums receive legions of users, this little Knoxville forum is just getting going, with only 16 users. The success of the concept will really depend on the growth of the user base. In short, the more people that use Instaknox, the more conversations that will go on, the information that will be spread, ect. While our blog network has started to create a digital Knoxvillian community, I think a neutral forum like Instaknox is just what we need.

So go check it out and join.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the nod CK.

samuel said...

sold, waiting for my confirmation email. I ignored it when I saw it on Knoxville Talks, but your ringing endorsement . . .

oh, and love the blog. Thanks!

J. Molinaro said...

Cool concept. I love the layout of the site.

And there's nothing wrong with liking Battlestar... ;)