Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Pol in Print

Well I'm going to be a little self serving here (because I can be) and because it is local news.

I had my first published interview come out yesterday in a weekly circular called Knoxville-Knox County Focus. It is available at lots of local gas stations, restaurants, street corners, and coffee tables.

It's a good paper that talks a lot the goings on in the county and the city, so it's worth a look if you're interested.

Here is a link to the pdf. (scroll down to page 10 to see my article)

And for all of you political Knoxvillians this website is a great tool as well.

Write in Spellings, Write out Neopotism

(totally revamping the webpage right now so be patient, it's gonna rock... kind of and this is a taste of things to come)


ck said...

the spellbama aesthetic is rocking my world. whoever came up with that must be a genius.

ck said...

did you see the headline on page 3?
"TBA joins tennessee 4-h hall of fame"!
Keep fighting, little guy. With your support of the Bluth Foundation, we’ll live in a galaxy where “TBA” does not exist.

Robert said...

Great article. Bravo Cullin!

max said...

when i tilt my computer screen back and look at cullin's avatar, it appears that he has acquired some sort of headband wearing fro. just a thought.

ck said...

yeah, that was me being sloppy in photoshop.