Thursday, April 10, 2008

on fame and fortune

some of you may know, few of you may care, but i recently visited the author of this blog's sister site in seoul. perhaps i'll share some of my travel-hardened advice with you someday, but we'll just leave that prospect to tantalizingly dangle in front of you for now.

what i'd like to talk about is much more important. while boarding (sleeping on the floor) in my korean friend's (american, in korea) apartment (dorm), i came across an information booklet from the school where he teaches (yells english words at confused korean children).

the image to the left was on the back cover. i'm sorry it's slightly out of focus, but i had to snap a picture of it with the camera and didn't want to take to long. he was staring at me strangely and i had a welcome to not overstay.

but yes, this proves that our friend is famous. even if its only to 50 kids and 12 adults in korea.

i've tried to crop and zoom in on the image below, but the quality is still pretty bad.

like most of our readers, i too was a child once. and i remember how huge adults seemed. teachers were especially large because they were figures of authority. i think that if this blue-clad giant was in front of the classroom, barking at me in a different language i'd be pretty intimidated. but in spite of all his foreign flaws, our friend seems to be excelling. the back cover of seoul gain elementary's handbook is nothing to sniff at.

my hats off to you, little korean. i give you 7.8 wigs.


ck said...

to me he always seemed huge and was always shouting at me in a strange language, and i'm not even a korean schoolchild.

regi said...

i thought he was speaking in russian because he came from the motherland up over, a ruskie.