Wednesday, April 09, 2008

dogwoods a' bloomin'

Budding trees and white tents on the Square can mean only one thing... the Dogwood Arts Festival is close at hand.

Actually, it's already here. The festival features many cool elements all through the month of April, like last night's jazz concert. But none is as obvious as the literal festival on Market Square, which kicks off this Friday. Come down and see the "art"... aka crafts. What I've seen on the Square in past years was OK, but not really art with a capital A. But anything that gets Knox County down into downtown is fine by me, even if it is to buy a piece of wood with a poem about cats painted on it.

And kudos to the festival for getting the local art galleries to plug in: this Friday will be "Second Friday," ala First Friday, with all the local galleries open in conjunction with the festival. So come on down Farraguttans, Karnsians, Fountain Cittites, et al. Be festive and get ya'll a dose of art.


Mickey said...

I'm gonna get me a dose of art. I'm gonna get me dose real good.

The Pol said...

My favorite are the Cittites, the name just has a historic connotation.

regi said...

I LOVE cats! I could hang out in the cat section of borders all the live long day, but the dogwood arts festival might drag me from my favorite pastime. MEOW!

Courtney said...

I've never been to the Dogwood Arts Festival. Maybe I'll check it out this year.