Tuesday, April 15, 2008

photo blog: the storm

pretending that this blog doesn't have enough clever headers seldom used, i'm starting a section dedicated to pictures. fellow contributors, this doesn't mean you can't type up a few thoughts to go with your pictures, just that if you're going to drop some content under "alittleknoxphoto," let it be dictated by the images.

...or something like that. mostly, i wanted to make the header. so here's the inaugural post.

if you were in knoxville and mildly cognizant of your surroundings this past friday, you probably remember the storm that barreled through town. i sapped a few shots. before, during, and after.

the sun had not set at this point, just the storm.

the rain came down so hard and in such volume that it blocked out everything in the background.

after about 15 minutes, the rain stopped.

it was a pretty amazing storm to watch come through and leave. of course, these images don't do it justice. and they've definitely convinced me that i need a tripod.


ck said...

next a light meter, then a super telephoto lens... it's slippery slope, my friend.
nice new header! this way we don't have to write as much.

Courtney said...

It didn't rain at my place! It got really dark and thundered a lot, but it blew over before any rain came. Weird.

Mickey said...

I'll echo Courtney. And we live about a mile and a half from you.

Yes, a tripod would be good, especially if you're going to be shooting from the rooftop. Think of all the time exposure possibilities...

Also, this is a good idea for a regular feature.