Wednesday, April 02, 2008

i don't know why, but i just feel happy

i was not back in knoxville for more than 24 hours before i saw the above poster plastered on the back wall of downtown grill. the pleasant colors, empty lanes, and clean, modern overtones made me feel so content, i almost lost control. when will it be done? i can't wait! maybe i should sneak out right now and drive down the generous lanes (complete or not), basking in the comfort of my own worry-free commute before anyone else realizes the beauty of smartfix! whatever is going on in this picture, i need to have it.

i guess TDOT has decided to take a few lessons from modern pr, or shameless propaganda, depending on your perspective. you can't blame them, but i couldn't help but laugh when i saw the poster.


max said...

i like how the smokies ended up between the hall of fame exit and downtown. woohoo! maybe they'll smartfix mt leconte a little closer so i can save on gas money.

Anonymous said...

stan, hang out with me longer and that happiness will utterly MELT AWAY! sorry and you know why...

anyway, i was watching american idol last night and the theme was DOLLY SONGS! one kid sang Smoky Mountain Memories, and lame loser that I am, I got teary eyed.

smart fix THAT, randy jackson.

The Modern Gal said...

And where did all those fully matured trees around the Broadway exit come from? Are they going to speed-grow trees there when they're done?

ck said...

wait.. are those clouds behind our fair city or rugged alpine mountains? it'd be sweet if TDOT was planning on building some of those nearby.

The Pol said...

could someone tell me what direction that poster is facing. i assume south but that would put it on 75. isn't this for smart fix 40. i don't even know of a view that lays out knoxville in a flatland.

oh well i'll just go admire james white parkway for a whie at least I know there are wide open unused lanes there.

gotta love k-town city planning

ck said...

btw, alice and i have started calling that the "sow bridge"
i'll let you guys figure that one out.

Robert said...

I wonder if Matt Lehman did that poster? He did a series for Nashville, and the style is very similar. I'm intrigued!

The Modern Gal said...

It's facing West on 40 as if you were looking at the Broadway exit with the new fancy schmancy overpass/ "Sow bridge" (thanks for the mental image)

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