Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wigshop The Vote!

OK so you know you can't escape it. There are two days left in early voting and I, your resident politico, am here to encourage you to go and do your duty.

First, as always go here for a list of voting places and a sample ballot. There are two long reads on the ballot, a constitutional amendment and a charter amendment. I suggest you read both before heading to the polls.

The constitutional amendment enshrines the right of every Tennessean to hunt, it's that simple. This action, as I understand, is needed as the number of hunters across the country has fallen steadily over the years and has become a distinct minority. It's nothing controversial and doesn't allow people to come through and kill you pot-bellied pig for fun, so vote yes.

The charter amendment reduces the number of signatures needed to get a referendum on the ballot. Again, I suggest voting yes. It's always better in my view to have too many ballot initiatives than too few.

The governors race is pretty much a no-brainer. As I have said before, if you like downtown Knoxville, you have an obligation to support the guy who oversaw much of the current revitalization.

The only race I am a bit concerned with it the state senate race. I lean republican, but I don't lean Campfield. While he is a nice enough guy, I don't have the confidence that he would make a good senator. Randy Walker may not have a great shot right now, but I have met Chuck Williams, the independent, and do like him a lot and think he would be a great outsiders voice.

In short, I would love some feedback on the Stacey race. Is anyone inclined one way or the other? Why? How can I vote for someone who tried to join the congressional black caucus just to make people mad?

OK go vote and remember, when in doubt Write in Spellings!


Anonymous said...

I agree that voting for Campfield is a big mistake. But please vote for Randy Walker; he has the best chance of beating the craziness that is Campfield.

ck said...

Oh Pol, leading people astray with a good, un-winnable independent?