Wednesday, October 13, 2010

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

Hey Knoxville!

Gettin' excited about Christmas? Me too. I'm asking for a new bike, Sea Monkeys and a Best Buy gift card (so I can buy DVDs and CDs - its easier to just get a gift card than to tell my parents what music to buy, and I don't really want to subject my mom to weird cover art and get into the whole discussion of crass lyrics, etc).

As exciting as Christmas is, we should probably both hold off on thinking about it too much. It is mid-October after all, and we still have Halloween and Thanksgiving to look forward in the mean time.

Alright, just wanted to write and say hey. Hope you are well.

Talk soon.

PS: What are you thinking about going as for Halloween?


ck said...

Is that a current pic?!!

Robert said...

yeah. they just went up.

max said...


B said...

dear robert,
you make me laugh.

PS i know what YOU are going to be for Halloween!!

PPS Best Buy gift cards were always on my Christmas wish list in high school so I could buy all the secular music I wanted.

B said...

I noticed the wreaths were down today.