Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Goodbye to Abode

So by now you may have all heard that Abode on Market Square likely will close sometime in November after four years of operation ... unless a deal is worked out to sell it. For now, owners Allison and Matt Sprouse are working to sell off the remaining inventory. Allison says she's had a few people express interest in buying the business, but she's not going to get her hopes up just yet.

The Sprouses have two, well three successful businesses outside of Abode. Matt has a career in television production and Allison runs an event planning service called The Modern Hostess (I swear I'm not connected to her, but I do LOOOOVE the name :) Their third business is parenting two adorable girls, and they've decided they were spread a little too thin want to focus more on that job and their other businesses.

Still, I'm going to miss Abode in its current incarnation. I'm guilty of visiting the store once a week just to touch all the gorgeous hardwood tables and artsy knick-knacks. I splurged on my biggest grown-up furniture purchase there a few months ago -- a huge square sheesham wood table -- and it's the best furniture purchase I've ever made.

Right now most of Abode's inventory is on sale for 15%-30% off. If a furniture purchase isn't in your future, there were still a lot of adorable homewares available when I was in on Friday. At least stop by soon to give Allison and Matt your love and thank them for being such great business owners!

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