Thursday, October 14, 2010

So that's it...

I've been wondering for two years what on earth was going on here:

So the other day I decided to find out. I had to figure out who would protest hospitals, schools, businesses, and Methodists. I mean seriously, I have some theological qualms with them, but to spend night and day protesting Cokesbury seems a bit extreme. So I found out, it's carpenters.

According to the literature i was given the local carpenters union (and anyone who wants to join in) is boycotting all of Jim Wakefield's projects. Wakefield is a fairly large construction and contracting outfit in the region and, according to the union people, has a nasty habit of hiring illegals to do the work that these union guys would be doing.

The argument goes, hiring illegals drives down the wages of skilled labor, like carpenters, and so hurts their ability to make a decent wage. Therefore, the union is protesting all of Wakefield's projects to try and put pressure on them to stop.

George and Larry on picket

Regardless of your thoughts on unions, these guys (and ladies too) are out there all day everyday in all kinds of weather. Either the pay is really good or they are very committed to their cause.

Another mystery solved. Want more?


Anonymous said...

I've heard this union doesn't actually do the picketing, but hires temp workers to do it. If true, that's wrong on more levels than we can discuss.

Knowingly hiring illegals is wrong too.

Anonymous said...

Knoxville Carpenters Union Protests Local Developers

Rough Carpentry

Anonymous said...

Umm, it's 2010. Hasn't anyone ever told you that the term "illegals" is very derogatory?

Brian said...

Wakefield doesn't hire illegals.

The leadership of this union attempted to unionize the Wakefield employees, and the employees voted against it because the wage they were making was higher than what they would be making after union dues.

They also picketed Food City stores after their employees voted against unionizing.

The Pol said...
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The Pol said...

I'm sorry you're right no human is illegal... mea culpa

Anonymous said...

Snivelry. Illegal is apt. Bear your throats if you wish, the rest of us won't kowtow to your politically correct nonsense.