Thursday, October 07, 2010

Blue Burro

Perhaps some of you have already seen this, but i figured it's worth a story on the wigshop as well as it is quite a development.

Blue Coast Burrito is opening up on the north end of Market square (see construction below) sometime this winter.

A quick read over the company's website leads me to think it is a Moe's meets Bonefish Grille. I'm cautiously optimistic about this addition to the food lineup. A causal dining chain with fish tacos might fill a void and encourage other similar outfits to come in. I was sorely disappointed when Gridiron Burgers canceled their bid to open downtown as I think a simple burger joint would do very well.

photo by Best Boro Bites

Blue Coast currently has locations in Chattanooga, Nashville, Memphis, and a few places in Arkansas as well. A well established outfit that apparently does well.

If anyone has actually eaten at one please let me know how it is. OK that's all for now on the market square update.

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Anonymous said...

I know this is off subject, but I am unbelievably excited for a chipotle to open on the strip. I know its chipotle...and the strip...but I don't care!

ck said...

I'm all for it. People say there's too many restaurants on Market Square, but it's really becoming a good dining district for the rest of the city, but it needs a wider range of price points. This place will help out people who want to eat in the $5 - $10 range.

Kevin said...

Are they going to have outdoor seating? Steamboat is in the $5-10 range, but my impression is they are kind of struggling, I think because of the lack of patio seating.

ck said...

@Kevin- the renderings Flory posted had awnings and patio seating in front and most of the way down Wall Ave. I think it will be one of the biggest patios on the Square!

Kevin said...

Ah, of course. I was mentally facing the wrong direction of the square.

Anonymous said...

I think Blue Coast is Baha Burrito franchised. The story is they only wanted there to be one Baha, but it's essentially the same food.

Cassie said...

Nashvillian, here. Blue Coast (Baja Burrito) is really great. I think you'll enjoy it. The fist tacos are yummy as is... well, everything else. I like a good mission style burrito in a spinach tortilla with barbacoa. Mmm...

Oh, and of course a bit of pineapple salsa.

I'm jealous. I may have lots of Blue Coasts and the original Baja, but nothing as cool as Market Square!

Robert said...

thanks pol

cmmoxley said...

Sunny @the Library: Reading your comment literally made my mouth water! Now I can't wait for it to open. Hope the margaritas are good!

John said...

@Kevin - I've been going to Steamboat on a weekly basis, and the impression I am getting from the staff and other diners there is that they are doing very well indeed. Did you ever visit their old location?

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