Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Pols Hood View

Downtown, I love where I live.

Home Sweet Home

Yes the building has it's quirks and Henley street can be loud at time, but that is a small price for the benefits returned.

I live in the Financial/ Court district close to the corner of Henley and W. Hill Ave. across from Lord Lindsay and overlooking the river. The river is probably the biggest selling point of where I live. Every morning I wake up to the sights and sounds of life on the water. Barges, rowers, the Vol Navy it is all part and parcel to my everyday existence and it is always changing.

From my back porch I can see Neyland Stadium (yes that is a feature not a bug for me)and game-days are always entertaining as we are right in the middle of everything. What I love most though is the dynamic nature of my corner of town. Lord Lindsay is now in new ownership and will soon reopen as something though I'm not sure shat. Brian Pittman has been working hard on his two houses and they are now two gems in downtown housing.

Walk three blocks and I am at the Y, the library, or the Bistro at the Bijou and beyond that the rest of downtown. I have the luxury of living close enough to walk everywhere, but with the benefit to being set apart just enough to have peace on those crazy downtown nights.

I didn't even begin to tell you all about the Medical arts building, the history of the post office, the Henley street bridge redo, the story of my building, my love for the JFG sign, and the hundreds of other things about these few blocks that make me glad to call it home.

My Home Away From Home


the_rev said...
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the_rev said...

Regarding the JFG sign, I had always thought that they'd picked an odd place for such a billboard, way across the river like that.

BUT, one day I was crossing Gay Street somewhere up around the Downtown Grill and I happened to look south toward the river.

It hit me. Looking down Gay from the middle of downtown, the JFG sign is perfectly framed by the buildings and the street itself.

Brilliant advertising, that. How many millions of eyes have looked straight down Gay Street over the years, to have their gaze unknowingly directed precisely toward that sign?

Try it yourself sometime. Stand in the middle of Gay Street and look south. I got a new appreciation for the sign that day.

the_rev said...

And now, after writing that other comment, I learn that the JFG sign is being taken away for repairs, and won't occupy the same spot when it comes back.

That sucks.

B said...

it does suck. very much.

Ian said...

Living in the River House is indeed great. Well, except for that weirdo who drives that Volkswagen bus. What a freak.

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