Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Classic Knoxville Graffiti

I've collected a few shots of interesting graffiti over the last few weeks/ months. Enjoy. [Ed. note: many eons ago we had a series of posts about graffiti in Knoxville, including what may be the what may be the best love note on an alley wall ever.]

OK someone has to know the back story on this. Who uses a walrus as a tag? Must be a Beatles fan.

Now I think this may be a little harsh

"Ichabod," well at least our teens are versed in the classics.

still a little unclear on this one.

unicorns, weed, and cobras, the jungle wall of Knoxville.


Unknown said...
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ck said...

joe, you weren't here a year ago for the last round of wigshop discussion on graffiti. there are a lot of strong opinions about it from our commenters. we like to think of ourselves as just documenting an interesting urban phenomena.

B said...

the donna/mike graffiti just made my day. hilarious.

The Modern Gal said...

Coo coo ca choo.

ck said...

joe: my apologies. disregard the earlier comment. i was just going over the old posts and saw you there weighing in. you are a longtime reader! and no, not a fuddy-duddy. i'm still not sure if i approve of graffiti after all these years, but it does intrigue me.

Max Gambit said...

The first test to whether something can be considered art is whether the person who created it considers it to be art. Most graffiti or 'street art' fails to meet this criterion.

We need to invite banksy to Knoxville ^_^

stan said...

i dig the graffiti post, but what's with the photo quality? it's like viewing screenshots from wolfenstien 3d.

Unknown said...

max, yes! we need banksy!

there is healthy amount of street art in knoxville if you look hard enough. i think it adds to the urban culture of our city. but i do believe there is a difference between vandalism and art. one is to be mean, one is to spread creativity.

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