Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gay Street Update

So it seems like progress in being made on our beloved Gay Street. Construction has begun on the 100 block, and now the street is not completely closed to traffic. 

Even more important is that the businesses there seem to be doing very well. The Pol and I were at Little Havana last night, and it was buzzing with life and amazing food (full review to come, right Pol?). 

In light of all the construction, the city has set up a blog to keep all of us informed as to the progress of the project. Check it out here - http://100blockconstructionknox.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

When I left my apartment at 5:20 this morning, a crew was already out there working on some underground stuffs in front of Sterchi! That's dedication!...I think. The noise usually gets going full force by about 7:45. I'm almost always awake by then but it's hard to adjust to on the occasional sleep-in day. I wonder what Saturday's work schedule is going to be like. Parking's been a bit of a hassle, but oh well I guess. I hope that the Nama valets start to use more of their valet lot and less of the spots out in front so that residents can use the few that remain.

Robert's right, and it's good to see that there's still a lot of life on the block. I came home yesterday to a crowd waiting outside of Nama.

I wonder where the school bus will stop to pick up the Emporium kids from now on?

Part of me wants to cut my losses and move, but the other part is determined to stick through this because I think the end result will be nice.

ck said...

Little Havana is great! Love me some fried plantains.

I think construction when a place starts must be good luck in downtown. Market Square was under construction when Pres Pub opened. People back then thought, "A Pub? In downtown?!!" And now they're an institution.