Monday, March 23, 2009

an old flame

I get crushes on buildings like I do on boys. There is (was) one building in particular that was love at first sight. I'd drive out of my way just to see it. I dreamed that one day it could be mine.

It was perfect, it only needed some love. It's big windows, it's red and blue stripes, the way it's third floor was smaller than the floors below. I pictured myself looking out of that top story window, out over Knoxville.

But not all dreams come true. The owner finally decided to fix up the building and he changed it all.

So here's to you Flynn Paint on 11th street. I'll always remember you how you were.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who loves buildings like this! I always wonder what people think of me when I'm walking around some broken down hovel, taking pictures :)

Andy said...

I too also had those same dreams-i remember as a kid looking at downtown knoxville from the doorway of that building, waiting on my Granddaddy to get done in there so we could go on and do the next thing. Cause my Granddaddy was Harold Flynn, the former owner of Flynn Paint. I saw the changes to the building, and i was a little sad, but also glad that it was no longer a building adrift(but seriously, did the guy really have to use those tiny windows? they look like crap).

The Modern Gal said...

It also has a great location. The small windows seem to be disrespectful to the view you should be able to get from the upper floor.

Anonymous said...

Parking for that building and ingress/egress are a mess in that little section of the Fort. That needs to be addressed.