Monday, March 02, 2009

some cheese for my data dog, please

I watched this the other day at the kiosk itself, and was trying to figure out how to get it here, then I found out that KNS had an embeddable version. So here it the video in all it's ridiculousness:

"Unleashing Knoxville's Bow WOW!!!!!!!!"

How much did the Tourism Board spend on this?
Who is their intended audience, 5 year olds?
How much disposable income does the average 5 year old have?
Where was I when they were filming a dog exploring downtown?!


max said...

all aboard! woo wooooooo!

Mickey said...

The narrator didn't really commit to the role. I just wasn't feeling the enthusiasm.

Otherwise, not as corny as I was expecting. Where'd they get that dog?

Anonymous said...

There was no expense by the KTSC in creating the video as it was totally produced in house. Can't fault them for being cost-conscious. According to an article in the KNS, the dog even belongs to a KTSC employee. My guess is that they used the dog as a "spokesperson" in going along with the success of Geico's Gecko. Seems as though people respond better to animals in advertising. I like their video. Makes Knoxville look fun.

B said...

that's hilarious. i'm a sucker for animals though. ck, in keeping in line with the data dog, i think bob should be the wigshops's spokesperson/dog.

The Modern Gal said...

B: my thoughts exactly. bob totally has not realized his spokesdog potential.

i would have expected a boxer to have a much deeper voice than that. something kind of james earl joneseque.

bran said...

wow that's embarrassing

GF & JS said...

"... where'd they get that dog?" I was downtown when they shot the commercial. It's not even a real dog. They had some guy wearing a special suit that it made it possible to do the dog in CGI.

Anonymous said...

"not as corny as I was expecting"


Anonymous said...

I'm with Bran; that's embarrassing. The best part is the casting of the adorable boxer. The worst parts? Everything else.

It's been years since I stopped working in the evil ad business, but this spot reminds me of why my boss used to exhort potential clients on the values of letting professionals do the work: Pros usually have a better sense of what works than clients.

This is just so, so wrong.