Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Red Light Cams Part LXXII

Here We Go Again

So there is one benefit to being an insurance salesman, I get an email with interesting stories and happenings relating to insurance stuff... ok so maybe that's not a benefit, but come on, I need some hope.

Well, I got an email the other day with an unsurprising, but always welcome story about that ridiculous and legally dubious practice of privatizing our law enforcement the city fathers refer to as "Red light Cameras".

If you have followed any of my previous rants you'll see my true feelings on these devices, which I won't go into again here.

Anyways, this article examines the inverse relationship between these cameras and safety, meaning they are a hazard and a nuisance, but hey they generate some hassle free money for the coffers so who cares right?

From the article:

“There is a significant decrease in right-angle crashes, but there is also a significant increase in rear-end crashes,” the summary concluded, finding a decline of 379 right angle crashes and an increase of 375 rear-end crashes in the period studied."

But you don't have to take... my word for it.

Finally, as some of you may know Red Flex (our own private big brother) did not get their contract renewed, but don't worry the city is in the process of installing some other companies equipment to help them make money off of us. More details on that as it comes to light.


ck said...

was that a reading rainbow reference? this blog just got a little more awesome.

The Modern Gal said...

dah dum dum (that was the little Reading Rainbow sound for you ... just go with it.)

so let me get this straight, pol. you don't like the red light cameras?

max said...

what's the deal with the new version of the redlight cameras? RE: walmart and chapman. are those speed cameras? they are multiplying. i'm afraid.

Mickey said...

But that's a total decline of four crashes, right? So the cameras are saving lives (or at least insurance premiums)!

I'm sorry, Pol. I just had to say it.

The Pol said...

Yes yes, that was a pre-Geordi LaForge/ Post- Kunta Kente, Levar Burton reference.

Who is perhaps one of the more neglected actors of the nineties

B said...

call me obsessive(which i am), but this blog was already made awesome oct. 1, 2008 by the same reading rainbow reference. there definitely wasn't this much commotion about it then.


ck said...

hmmmm... awkward. that joke was already made. sorry b, that one slid right by me.

B said...

it's completely understandable ;)

james said...

i came really close to a class action lawsuit against those damn cameras.

Unknown said...

They apparently have a new contract with someone, because I just got a damned ticket.

Anonymous said...

ridiculous Anyways, I had a friend get a ticket by the Walmart/Chapman intersection because he went through a yellow light when it was icy outside. Now, he could've taken the hit of $50 or could've risked crashing into the camera and taking it out or another person by slamming on the breaks...Plz someone tell me the advantages of exploiting the drivers of Knoxville.