Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I've seen the future ... and the view is sweet!

Howdy folks,

As you probably know, David Dewhirst is widening his reach in our beloved downtown with his latest project the JFG Flats. For the rental project he is converting the old JFG warehouse into swanky apartments, and, I predict, will be a very important move for the revitalization and growth of the Old City.

Yours truly was invited to attend a pre-tour of the building and some of the units ... and here's what I found.

The units are still in progress, and I suspect they will match, if not exceed, his other projects' design aesthetics. Prices start at around $500 for a studio, which may seem a little high, but with all that you get for the price, I think its justified.

As you can see from the pictures, Dewhirst is doing a great job to retain that warehouse aesthetic, while providing the modern vibe one would expect from a downtown loft. (Note: most of those are the original window frames, a signature of the era, kitted with new double-pane windows).

This last one is the old bean grinder on the top floor that will be incorporated into the design of one of the few three bedroom units - with private roof access. Dewhirst seems to have put out another great project, and one that will surely be a hit come move-in day (mid July).


The Modern Gal said...

Does it come with the smell of roasting coffee? Because I so could go for that.

Definitely a good location for a loft.

Anonymous said...

Robert, do you know if any of these will be for sale, or is Dewhirst planning on rentals only?

Mickey said...

That concrete sure looks cold.

B said...

i got a sneak peak with david back in the fall. that last apartment is sweet. i think it's great that he's keeping some of the old warehouse accouterments.
one of the coolest views ever was standing on top of the roof behind the huge JFG sign. i think there are about 3 apartments up there that will have access to that view. i want to live up there so i can always feel like i'm in a wes anderson movie.

Robert said...

Nate, I'm pretty sure its all rentals, but shoot them an email/call to confirm - the folks in the office are very helpful.

Anonymous said...

Lease only, they said.

In other news (venues), Josh Flory called you out, man.

Are y'all sparring?

Robert said...

Ha - I hope we're not sparring. I'm not so sure how fair a match it would be

max said...

dude those look awesome. i'd totally do that studio if i could get my hands on it.

does the old bean grinder grind your coffee for you in the morning? what do you do? just stand under that big hole with a coffee filter and some hot water?