Friday, March 27, 2009

follow us... even more!

Heads up to all you dear readers: The Wigshop is twittering (tweeting?)... uhh, we're on Twitter!

If you also like putting 140 character or less thoughts out on the interweb, maybe you like to see our thoughts too. Click here to start following us! This is hyperblogging, ladies and gents. Just think of it as hooking jumper cables to the Sunsphere. That's how awesome it is. Trust us.


Anonymous said...

Since I know most of the individual wigshoppers are already on twitter, I think it'd be spiffy if you posted the bloggers' twitters as well.

That's the way I found out about Big Lebowski at the Bijou last week.

B said...

geez louise.

Anonymous said...

Just saying. I have to get my community calendar fix in one way or another :-p

The Modern Gal said...

Discordia, I know you and I are already acquainted on Twitter, but I'll let the others post their handles if they want to -- although several of the other little Knoxvillians don't actually Twitter.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's what I would prefer them to do, if they wanted to. Call it further networking.

max said...

I don't Tweet but will probably give in and start because I am weak. Keep an eye out. Both if you can spare them.

B said...

sorry, discordia, my previous comment was directed toward the tangled spiderweb of internet surfing we've weaved, not you. i assure you if i had twitter, i would twitter your way...
(i have no idea what that last sentence means)

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