Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shakespeare on the Square

My typical knee-jerk reaction to this unseasonably beautiful weather we're having is to go sit on the porch at Tomato Head/DGB/La Costa or any of Knoxville's fine porched restaurants. The only problem is that everyone and their mother has the same reaction.

Here's another idea to enjoy the weather this weekend that won't cost you a penny: Spend a night (or two) at the stage on Market Square taking in the Tennessee Stage Company's Shakespeare on the Square. This is TSC's last weekend of the summer, so if you don't go this weekend you're going to miss out.

Love's Labours Lost is set for Thursday and Saturday night and The Merchant of Venice is on Friday and Sunday night; all performances begin at 7 p.m. and make sure you bring a lawn chair. Try not to sit on the La Costa side of the stage either as you'll find the porch crowd a wee bit distracting from the performance.

I caught Love's Labours Lost last Friday, and I can assure you will get more than your money's worth. But if the Bard's wit or olde English speak doesn't do it for you then go for the on-stage eye candy. There's enough for both men and women ;-)

Oh, and I say it's free but they will pass the donation basket more than once. If you're blessed with that Catholic-style guilt, you'll probably want a dollar or two to drop. There are some cute T-shirts for sale too.


will cote said...

i like these updates. just wish i could be in knoxxy to see it!

ck said...

i haven't actually sat down to watch a whole play, but my office is the womens' changing room for the TSC, so sometimes working late is exciting!