Monday, August 25, 2008

the state of the wigshop

You may have noticed a lot of changes going on here at the Wigshop. We've had to say goodbye a few times this year: to our venerable founder, and a few slackers looking for cheap fame and glory. Don't worry- the turmoil is over! We've gotten together a writing lineup with a diverse set of Knoxvillian viewpoints, who will hopefully take this little blog deeper into Knoxville life than it's ever gone before. Please give a warm welcome to The Modern Gal, Big B, and Lo. They've all gotten off to a good start (even if they did accidentally post on top of each other on Friday). Remember to comment on their posts and encourage them as they spread their shaky wings and learn to soar on the winds of the internets!

So, dear readers, keep coming back and see what the Little Knoxvillians are up to.


lucas said...

i hope you're not including me in the slacker category. after all, i was the one who came up with the top things about knoxville farewell post...

stan said...


How will I get by without references to squidbillies and the occasional comparison of knoxville treasures to illicit drugs?

ck said...

lucas: of course not! your nine posts in six months was a feat of willpower unmatched since.

stan: your comment won't make as much sense with the updated post. em has decided to stay, thanks in part to the pol's politician hypnotic powers.

B said...

was em thinking of leaving?

y'all are in for a treat tomorrow: wigshop service project!

The Pol said...

hmmm why is my picture alway on the bottom

I sense a conspiracy, perhaps nepotism at work here

i think this blog needs new leadership

a new direction

time for a change

aww forget it we'll just leave it liek it is.

ck said...

c'mon being last is a place of honor in cast billings- sorta like alice the maid in the brady bunch intro.
we'll leave it "liek" it is

The Modern Gal said...

Age before beauty. Or something 'liek' that.

regi said...

i like the wigshop's older stuff.

regi said...

their new stuff is just too commercial and poppy. what hapened to the underground wigshop?

Anonymous said...

wait, you mean "what happened to all the hipsters!?" who knows! and what happened to smoochies!!?

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