Friday, August 08, 2008

our little experiment is over

Well, the "Write in Spellings" Campaign is over. Here are some thoughts...

Official Response: (By John "Cullin" Spellings)

We are officially thrilled by the response of more than 2% of the voters willingness to stand up for change in our district.

But on a personal note from Mr. Spellings he is saddened by the weak turnout. He hopes that in the coming years the residents of the first district will realize that it will take an active electorate to turn things around.

The Write-In Spellings campaign congratulates Mr. McKenzie for his win and hopes that he becomes an independent and ardently firm voice for the first district.

A new day is coming in the first District.

And John “Cullin” Spellings will be here to support and encourage his neighbors when it does.

Unofficial Response: By Chris "CK" King

This is bull, man.

The entire Knox County system is designed to stifle grassroots
democracy, and should be dismantled as quickly as possible for a new
Metro Government. The fact that independent candidate deadlines are
based on the major partys' schedules shows that the deck is stacked in
their favor. Case in point: the appointed candidate slides easily
through the election to retain his seat.


The system is broken, so badly so that fine men like John Spellings
can't even get attention in the poll results, even when he won a
statistically significant number of votes. The Man is keepin'
him down, doesn't want anyone to realize there's another choice besides
Republican and Democrat.

In conclusion, the Write in Spellings Campaign now realizes that
nepotism in Knox County will only be swept out with the purifying fire
of anarchy, blazing hot through all the old systems until nothing is
left but ashes, from which John Spellings will lead us into the morning
sun of our shining future.


Mickey said...

Yup, I scanned the whole News-Sentinel coverage of the election results today for the name John Spellings. Nothing. Two percent has to be good for something, right?

Fight on, brotha.

The Modern Gal said...

Two percent is pretty good for a write in campaign! I think this bodes well for when you officially run next.

Amelia said...

I checked for your name as soon as I got to work the morning after elections. Better luck next time Pol. I was also disappointed Knox had so few voters compared to last election.