Monday, August 18, 2008

It's where it all begins... and ends

OK so I saw this on KnoxTube which everyone should check out and start using.

Well, the clip is short and a bit campy, but the point is good. I mean Knoxville is where the world begins and ends isn't it?

See the video here

Oh and school is back in session which mean everything from Henley St. to Concord St. is standstill traffic. Good Ol' Rocky Top Whew.


stan said...

i always wanted them to put a patio between the two houses. don't worry, the exhaust fans from two kitchens would keep it smelling like any good waffle house out there.

ck said...

unfortunately, the nexus of the universe will have to move elsewhere when they tear down the one to the left, which is being replaced by the one to the right. it's good to see that even though we've entered the 21st century, waffle house isn't messing with their winning architectural formula.

Barry Wallace said...

Unfortunately, as of this past Sunday the left one is gone. Poof. demolished. Vapor. A memory. Knoxville's most unique photo-op is no more.... :(