Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Sunsphere is a Beershop

Yes it's true.

Josh Flory (My favorite writer at the News Sentinel) got a sneak peak at the new sky bar opening at the Sunsphere.

Check out the Story here

I say we organize our first official Wigshop outing here when it opens. Anybody else in?

I'll use a few of his pics (they look fantastic)

Also if you're interested in downtown development, you should definitely subscribe to his emails, The Property Scope

I work with a couple of people who do catering for southern graces and their inside knowledge has notified me that the new bar is set to open in the next day or three.
Also, remember parking will be over across from worlds fair near cumberland or wherever else you can find


ck said...

i like those huge martini glasses. that's my kind of bar!

The Modern Gal said...

If I'm around when it opens then I'm in for an outing!

B said...

i am so in

Amelia said...

Very cool pics! May have to try it out soon.

max said...

the beersphere. yes.

Mickey said...

I'm definitely up for a gathering. The 'sphere is finally living up to its potential.