Tuesday, August 05, 2008

just for fun: in honor of will

As some readers may know, this blog is named in honor of our good friend Will, who has been living in Korea for the past year. He's home in the states now, but I think he's headed right back overseas in the next few weeks.

I went to LA last week to work and to visit a really good friend. He lives near Korea Town, and he took me to a Korean Bbq restaurant called Soot Bull Jeep. It was delicious! Each table has a little grill built in, and you choose the type of meat you want to grill up. We had beef. The spread included delicious salad with spicy dressing, a few kinds of kimchee, lettuce wraps, rice, and this really delicious soy bean paste that tasted a little like marmite. We also had soju and Korean beer.

I haven't been in Knoxville much lately and hence haven't been able to contribute any Knoxy dialog, so I at least wanted to share my LA Korean experience.

Has anyone been to the Korean restaurant in Knoxville? (I know there's one out by the mall, and maybe there's another one...?) How is it?


ck said...

Will will be in Knoxville visiting old haunts this weekend! A Little Korean returns.

The Korean restaurant at West Town seemed good to me when I went, but I don't have much experience with Korean food to compare to.

B said...

you could go to golf range apartments and meet people from south korea---so so nice and would make you kimchee anyday.

will cote said...

haha! i definitely need to go to a korean restaurant while im here! maybe the one in ktown. thanks for the pics of korean food. made me miss korea even more. especially ob beer, which is my favorite korean beer (which is not saying much) thanks emily!!