Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bliss Home moves west / sunsphere open!

I just got a postcard in the mail today about Bliss Home's grand opening party celebrating it's new location in The Gallery shopping center in Deane Hill (think Chili's, Stir Fry Cafe, the American Cafe, etc.)

I had no idea Bliss was expanding, but I'm thrilled they are. I love the Home store, even though I can't afford most of the furniture. I like to stop by for accents and artwork, which is a bit more affordable. My bank account would be in big trouble if they opened a regular Bliss store next door as it's walkable from my house.

I'm not sure when the new Bliss Home will be open to the public, but they're grand opening celebration is a week from tonight.

Does anyone have more info?

[additional opening news by ck]:

Look at this!

Time to go have a martini inside a disco ball.


Anonymous said...

that is the ugliest postcard ever.

The Pol said...

We're setting a date.

Thursday September 18th

7:00 PM

that's the day be there (the beershop in the wigshop that is)

ck said...

yeah, i guess it's appropriate to have the ugliest postcard for the bar in the ugliest building in knoxville. remind me to never use their graphic designer.

and i'll be there pol. don't you worry. 7 o'clock sharp.