Thursday, August 14, 2008

relaxi taxi

This thing was spotted outside Sassy Anne's on Friday. This is definitely the taxi I want to call after a hard night of bar hopping. I hear they've got another guy in the back that will give you a massage for extra. And aromatherapy candles. Weird.
I looked them up and they are NOT in the phone book*. So "Grab A Cab" at your own risk, dear readers. It might be the best or worst ride of your life.

*also, when you Google "Relaxi Taxi" no taxi company in any city whatsoever comes up, just a link to this HILARIOUS old Friends episode where Rachel and Pheobe have this great idea... remember?! me neither.


Anonymous said...

Definitely worthy of the Knoxify sideblog. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

um this is the weirdest thing I have ever heard. I love it. I hope it is not a happy ending taxi.

Anonymous said...

This taxi is definitely sketchy! Apparently they have picked up many girls and not taken them directly home. This guy was asked not to park near Sassy Ann's to offer rides again!