Thursday, August 07, 2008

Election Day is Here

Well it's finally here.

Today you can go vote for The Pol (Write-in John Spellings).

I want to encourage everybody to get out and vote today. It's an incredibly important thing to do, not just in principle but in how it will effect your life in the near term.

Knox County is choosing it's new leaders of government, and we have to decide if they will be different.

Write in John Spellings for County Commission seat 1A and you will get new leadership.

Voters in downtown vote at Green School which is up on top of the hill on the other side of James White Parkway (800 Townview Dr)

All other 1st district precincts can be found here

All Knox County precincts here

Now for the cool election graphic (WRITE-IN JOHNS SPELLINGS SEAT 1A)


stan said...

have months of ending posts with "write in spellings" finally come to an end?

just kidding. good luck today.

ck said...

i finally "wrote in spellings" and i tell you what: what a pain! you have to actually spell out his name, and that's if you can remember it. the other candidates only required one click! i'll think twice before committing to writing anyone in again.

max said...

good luck mr spellings. Mr
MIchael Emerson was at la costa and pres pub tonight. Yes Benjamin Linus

max said...

oh and I would have written you in today but I technically live in anderson county right now so I can't.