Wednesday, May 21, 2008

It's a Bird, It's a Plane, it's a guy in nothing but spandex?

My friends, I have recently been made aware of a planned "gathering" for the month of June in our fair city. On June 13th through the 15th our fair city will be invaded by evil villains and super heroes. Representatives from Starfleet, the Rebel Alliance, Chief Commissioner Gordon, Xena, and likely an assortment of Smurfs will be gathering at the Downtown contention center for some sort of "meeting".

I bring this up because this event is likely to overwhelm the meager resources of the Wigshop crew. We need pictures, stories, anecdotes, confessions, and nik-naks from AdventureCon 2008. Ironically a great vantage point for scoping out much of the action will be the Sunshpere itself.

I can safely say that Stan and I will likely be stay as far away from this happening as possible as we are both recovering from an adolescence filled with mostly George Lucas and Gene Roddenberry as adult role models.

So we are calling all readers, if you see any ewoks, Klingons, storm-troopers, or possibly a Kevin Sorbo look alike, please take a picture and get it to us. This sort of monumental event happens rarely... like once a year.

Though I am rather tempted to vote for this guy come November... hmmm.


ck said...

whatever. you guys will stay way from this thing just like i don't like to smoke cigars. readers, if you see stan or the pol at the adventurecon, take a picture and send it to me.

regi said...

Kevin Sorbo will be there, and so will i in my best sleeveless regalia! Hercules! Hercules!

Robert said...

So ... I guess this is one direction to steer Knoxville, culturally speaking.

Kidding, we're going in deep cover with this one ... I'm having my Wesley Crusher uniform dry cleaned as we speak.

Mickey said...

An invasion of geeks! Awesome. I usually get my fix by reading blogs.

Bay in TN said...

I think my daughter will be there, so I'll send a camera with her. You know that Missi Pyle's going to be there? She's a geeeeeenius! I'm actually a little jealous that I won't get to meet her and tell her how much I enjoy her work.