Monday, May 12, 2008

wigshop in transition

Well folks,

Some things will be changing around the ol' Wigshop soon. Don't worry! The razor sharp observations sprinkled with dry wit you've come to expect here won't stop. But some of our Little Knoxvillians are (gasp!) leaving Knox Vegas and some new faces might start popping up in the sidebar. We're also still figuring out what this crazy blog is all about. Downtown? Lifestyle? Beer? Squid?

So here's your chance to laud/blast us. What do you like about the Wigshop? What do you absolutely despise about the Wigshop? What would you like to see more of? What needs to shrivel up and die?

Let us know your thoughts, and keep checking back to see what's going on.


The Modern Gal said...

I keep coming back to the Wigshop to learn new things about Knoxville -- new places to go, news, etc. I tend to like your straight-up stuff better than the commentary pieces (unless you're doing a business review -- those are helpful).

I would like to see y'all expand your scope a little bit outside downtown. I love downtown, but I live in the so-called "District at Bearden" and happen to think it's pretty dang awesome too. I am not, however, advocating you write about Farragut.

Anonymous said...

let's up the west knoxville hate if we can. there's never enough. i'm waiting for people to see hating on the west is like hating the prom queen.

to be fair, i'd never say any part of knoxville is awesome, but that's what living in and traveling to awesome cities gets me i guess. can't we all just suffer the lameness together and try to get along? knox on knox hate is so unattractive.

if not, i'll throw my hat in the ring... see ya in mechanicsville...ha haaa no i won't!

Anonymous said...

More Cowbell!!!

Anonymous said...

keep the "weird knoxville" column coming. i love it, and look forward to it!

keep going with the west knoxville hate- people need to realize how crappy that place is. i like that you all write about downtown, its where i work and i live near the north hills, so the downtown/surrounding areas are what i like to hear about and where i hang out.

it would also be cool if you lost all the talk about "the pol" running for office- no offense, its great and all but its not what i come on this blog to read about.

keep up the good work guys.

Mickey said...

The weirder, the better.

I'm MIA for a bit and I come back to talk of upheaval at the wigshop? Crazy world.

Bay in TN said...

I found this blog because I was looking for non-commercial reviews of Knoxville restaurants. Your near-scathing review of the pub in the Old City caught my eye -- I loved the tag-team approach and the divergent voices of the contributors to this strange little blog.

Now I check the Wigshop more often than I should, but I do enjoy most of the posts. (Even though they're not all about food.)

(Darn it.)

So -- what should you continue to post? The strange views and viewpoints -- the photos of typical downtown Knoxville views and happenings -- and more links to more East Tennessee voices and blogs would be cool. (I do enjoy many of the links you've included, although many of your friends make me feel elderly.)

However, I'll oppose the other posters -- you don't really need to keep posting the "hate West Knoxville" stuff -- aw, c'mon, that's too easy. It's like picking on the kids on the short bus.

After all, I live 'way outside Knoxville -- I drive past Farragut to get to downtown. And I do drive past Turkey Creek as often as I can, y'know. All of us out here in the boonies aren't mindless, tasteless idjits. I really love downtown Knoxville, but now I have to travel a bit further to get a fix.

I'll keep checking in, though -- I'm curious to see the changes.

Amelia said...

I like all the scatterbrained things that's discussed on all relates to Knoxville somehow and almost every blog includes at least one reader out there. Keep up the good work! Very sad some are leaving. :(

Anonymous said...

I'm getting ready to move to Knoxville from Austin to go to grad school. I found your site somehow and kept coming back to it after that piece about the weird wig store downtown. I like reading about unique aspects of the town, even if it's something most Knoxville natives are already familiar with--I'd say a lot of people who come to this site are probably new to the area and are looking to get a better feel for the city. So keep it up! Oh yeah, and I liked the posts about the guy who shot out the traffic light, especially the accompanying picture.
Your site has given me a good feeling about Knoxville! It sounds like it is kind of like Austin, but smaller and with less hype. If I see you all downtown this summer I'll say hey.

stan said...

the only transition i see is that LAME border around our content section.

who did that!?

also, i'd like to see more from that stan. he really knows what's going on--that stan.

wait, how do i sign out and post anonymously?

Katie Ries said...

Who can I bribe to become a little Knoxvillian (or knoxvillain)?

I'd like to see more small business/restaurant reviews. Maybe some art show reviews too? (Other than talking about how great it is that there's free food at First Friday.)

I appreciate the local gov. posts. More of those too, please.

ck said...

modern gal: we like bearden too! we may venture out there for the new nama.

anonymous: suck it. mechanicsville doesn't want you anyway.

mickey: we've missed you, man.

bay in tn: more photos are in the works.

amelia: we aren't scatterbr- what, what were we talking about?

anonymous 2: have fun in austin. we'll keep it weird while you're away.

stan: also suck it. the only lame thing around here is you.

katie: we take cash and money orders.

will cote said...

if smoochies could figure out how to put a sentence together, i think it would be funny to see his OuTrAgEoUs! views on knoxville. maybe some insane commentary on the life he leads living in a city he doesn't like and why he would repeatedly visit and comment on blogs that he doesn't like. the simple answer to his problems would be to (a) move to another city and (b) stop typing the address for this site in the browser. anyways a guest littleknoxvillian like smoochies would be great.

more pictures of having fun in knoxville please. i know ive been asking about this for a while, but maybe this time you will actually do it.

also is there someway that you can get some tribalfusion popups with screaming emoticons?

i like the business and restaruants reviews, especially when you dont really go there and make it all up. i base most of my comings and goings on those.

i would also like a picture of a bbq sandwich from backroom barbQ

ck said...


em: i've got a fevah, and the the only cure is more cowbell!

anonymous 1.5: we've been trying to tell that to the pol for months.

mickey, i don't know how you do it. responding to all your commenters is hard work!

will cote: how about a picture of "the fix"? we'll also take a picture of a pack of marlboros so you can pretend you're smoking them.

stan said...

i just uploaded the tribal fusion pop-ups. they are set to come up behind the window so you don't know they are there until you hear them shout "hello!" or close down your browser and find a full page ad for half-clothed celebrities.

should be fun.

Libby G said...

things i like most:
-restaurant/business reviews (especially if they are about a place i've never heard of)
-weird knoxville

things i'd like to see more of:
-anything about east knoxville, since that's where i live!

Adam said...

More downtown and more bar/restaurant reviews. When I moved here 6 months ago I found little to zero in the way of an actual guide to downtown, other than a few things in the "OMG Every Place Is Awesome!" variety (looking at you, news-sentinal).

Every place is not, in fact, awesome. More recommendations would help steer others in the right direction.

The posts on First Friday were super useful. Why not give primers on the Sundown acts or Farmer's Market stalls?

And a pony. I want a pony.

will cote said...






(camel lights)

Anonymous said...

Love the blog and hope it's not crass to post this, but I'm doing another episode of Forbidden Knoxville at Theatre Knoxville in June. All the weirdness, set to music!!

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