Wednesday, May 28, 2008

coming soon: downtown's deluge of frozen desserts

Last summer, it was pretty hard to please one's sweet tooth downtown. Coffee and Chocolate popped up this winter and offered a cozy, high-end option for dessert. But it's not exactly the kind of place you take a big family.

So where to go when yer jonesin' for some sweet stuff?

I don't think that will be a problem in Summer '08.

Recently the Marble Slab chain made an appearance on Market Square. Local-business-only naysayers aside, the ice cream shop was a welcome addition to Square's emerging "Dining District." Problem solved, right?

Apparently local entrepreneurs think we need more options. Today I saw a new poster in the window of recently renovated No. 26 (next to Preservation Pub) for another dessert shop that will be going in there soon.

Rita's is another chain, which, if you look at their logo closely, purportedly sells italian ice, frozen custard, and "happiness." Happiness? That must be some shop.

Rounding out your new deluge of choices, something called "The French Market" is going into the bottom floor of the Farragut Building on Gay Street. Along with flowers and crepes, they'll sell, you guessed it- ice cream. Laissez les bons temps rouler!


Robert said...

"Happiness?" That sounds like some sort of Engrish mishap.

Anonymous said...

Just don't ask Marble Slab when they close. The don't know.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Rita's Water Ice, straight from the mean streets of Philly! Yeah yeah!

Mickey said...

There really was a huge ice cream void downtown. It's good to see economic law in full effect.

Oh, and yum.

Bridal Magic said...

The French Market? This is the best news yet!

Unknown said...

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