Friday, May 30, 2008

The Crown & Goose: A Second Look

Well, I think it’s time to post a review on the Crown & Goose, a few months after its opening.

Being a recent transplant to the area, I was told repeatedly about the awesomeness that is The Crown & Goose. This affection was given with one caveat: the service leaves something to be desired.

So for my inaugural visit, I was a mixed bag of emotions – excited about the food, but scared that poor service would damper my potential love of the neighborhood foodery.

Let me just say that I was completely awestruck at the level of service I experienced. Our server, Andrew (Andy) knew everything about the menu, and gave great input for sampling the local fare. He was prompt with all orders, and never once left us out to dry (so to speak). I cannot stress how good a server he was (especially in light of earlier critiques). If there once was an issue with the wait staff, I can safely say that it has been rectified.

Now onto the food: Fish and Chips – very easily the best I’ve ever had. And let’s not forget the Crab Cake – second only to The Bavarian Inn (South of D.C.). I also had their IPA and Boddingtons (on tap). Oh and the Toffee Pudding – not to be missed.

Regarding price: you get what you pay for, and in a city brimming with ho-hum eateries, The Crown & Goose offers a delightful alternative at a slight price premium.

Overall, this has been one of the best dining experiences I’ve had in our budding town. Three cheers for aesthetics, food AND service!


ck said...

i guess it's time to give c&g a second chance. i'm sorry to hear the prices haven't been adjusted, though. word is the plowman's lunch is worth investing the small fortune it costs.

The Modern Gal said...

I've only been back to drink, but I will say the service has gotten much better. I think everyone was pretty overwhelmed that first weekend.

And it's true, you do get what you pay for.

Anonymous said...

I like the place much better these days now, too. Though I stand by my early comments that the food is too much for me. Too heavy. Not a fan of the fish and chips. I do, do, do like their bread though. So warm and delish! And the butter is good too.

The Pol said...

Must say thanks to Robert for this review and bringing me out again to the C&G.

Round two was much better (though our server did chit-chat with her friends for about 15 minutes while I tried to get her attention, she probably won't make it there long.

Great food, great beer, great atmosphere. And thanks to your father for treating us.

Mickey said...

It's good to hear that C&G got it together. I was wary of the early reviews just because they were done before the place had a chance to settle down.

Good review, Robert, and it was cool to meet you.

Anonymous said...

How about posting some prices? Coming through town for the Tom Waits concert in a couple weeks, and curious what Knoxville's idea of pricey is.

Unknown said...
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Robert said...
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Robert said...

"Pricey" is $12 for Fish and Chips, $18 for Shepherd's Pie, $12 for Crab Cakes, $7 for Proscuttio-wrapped Asparagus, $10 Steak Sandwich (est.).

So, not that bad at all, considering the quality of food/atmosphere.

I think the local confusion came when the place was initially thought of as a neighborhood-y pub (like the majority of establishments here), and ended up being a really great restaurant - food, charm, et al.

You should definitely go there before the show, and as a backup choice, NAMA is where you want to be.

Anonymous said...

I know that the Raindogs will probably pick a place to meet before hand. I went to a couple of their chosen locations before the Orphans tour dates. It was fun, though we didnt mingle much. We were just looking for a place for a good bad cup of coffee. Or rather, a good beer. I am not sure what the Knoxville raindog pick is. Crown and Goose would make sense because it's spacious and pretty close to the venue. Wouldnt be MY first choice, but it would be fine location for a pre-show meal. I DO happen to think that 6 dollars for a Guinness is high. But, you know, you've already spent some cash on the tickets. If you're city hopping for the tour and need to save some money, Downtown Grille and Brewery up the street (On Gay St.) has cheaper drinks. I am not sure of the Sunday happy hour...2 dollar beers until close? On a Sunday, a lot of places are going to close early, Crown and Goose included, so if you are looking for POST-show drinks, the old city would be the place, just up the street at Patrick Sullivans or Urban Bar.

Anyway, do you read the eyeball kid? Last time around he was pretty good about listed the pre-show meet spots.

stan said...

i can enjoy mr. waits, but i'm no fanatic. that said, i imagine marie's olde towne tavern is the place you want to be pre or post show.

the wall of elvis should put you in the mood for "hoist that rag."

Anonymous said...

Some co-workers and I went there with a former co-worker for lunch one day and had a similar experience with I beleieve the same server Andy. He was a bit of a smart aleck but it was fun and he did know alot about the cheeses they offered as well and brought a piece of cheese he'd highly praised then found wasn't part of the daily offering.

Anonymous said...

Great place and atmosphere,staff makes the place as well, including the managers,although one manager who is very nice to the guests does not seem to treat the staff very well. A larger draft selection would be nice. Beer garden is cool!

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