Monday, May 05, 2008

More fun with squids

This has nothing to do with Knoxville, per se; but it does have everything to do with 2 little knoxvillians and our unspoken awesomeness.

Stan and I are friends and dare I say colleagues. We were far away from each other last week (puts a strain on all of our extremely intelligent and never, ever, ever at all inane conversations). Because I missed him, I emailed him a story from Yahoo news titled "New Zealand Scientists Thaw 1000-pound Squid Corpse." Perhaps you read it online last week.

In response to my email, Stan wrote back, saying:

i think that this is a recurring theme in our relationship. scientists discover some abnormally large squid. you forward me the email.

and i appreciate that.

i also appreciate any reference to american tail.

In reference to the American Tail, I had told Stan that even though squids were dying and thawing world-wide and we were working from far locations, we were still "underneath the same bright stars." I am a poetic genius.

Anyway, I wanted to share because I havent written in a while; and also because I think the email sums up everything you would ever need to know about both me and Stan.

In other news, Happy Cinco De Mayo!


stan said...

yes! thawing squid!

am i even allowed to comment on this post? confused.

ck said...

speaking of squids, i checked a few episodes of squidbillies because of jyte's hearty recommendation. it's crazy and i love it.

Anonymous said...

squidbillies is the greatest television show ever!!! i have episodes on my ipod for cheering up or for boredom.

ck said...

"we just two friendly deadly deadly honeydews...
once them deer smell that birthday cake them sumbiches will come arunnin'"
that's one of the best cartoon scenes ever.