Monday, May 05, 2008

More fun with squids

This has nothing to do with Knoxville, per se; but it does have everything to do with 2 little knoxvillians and our unspoken awesomeness.

Stan and I are friends and dare I say colleagues. We were far away from each other last week (puts a strain on all of our extremely intelligent and never, ever, ever at all inane conversations). Because I missed him, I emailed him a story from Yahoo news titled "New Zealand Scientists Thaw 1000-pound Squid Corpse." Perhaps you read it online last week.

In response to my email, Stan wrote back, saying:

i think that this is a recurring theme in our relationship. scientists discover some abnormally large squid. you forward me the email.

and i appreciate that.

i also appreciate any reference to american tail.

In reference to the American Tail, I had told Stan that even though squids were dying and thawing world-wide and we were working from far locations, we were still "underneath the same bright stars." I am a poetic genius.

Anyway, I wanted to share because I havent written in a while; and also because I think the email sums up everything you would ever need to know about both me and Stan.

In other news, Happy Cinco De Mayo!