Tuesday, May 06, 2008

photoblog: sundown in the city

last thursday, my wife and i took a turn around market square to see knoxville's favorite spring pastime--sundown in the city. when i say "took a turn," i mean we walked down wall avenue and then back to gay street. navigating crowds like that only leads to one place: hopeless frustration. anyway, here are the pictures.

i knew i was in for trouble. just look at gay st! its like waiting in the carpool line after high school.

is there some kind of law against this many people in one place?

seriously. is there a law?

have no fear, in the midst of all the mayhem, you can still get your tomato head fix. they even pulled out the heat lamp pizza turntable!

i just liked the colors on this one.

btw, i'm planning on braving the frenzy once again for josh ritter this thrusday--come out and enjoy the music.


ck said...

dude- that stack of yellow drums is so sublime.
i've missed every sundown so far this year, but i'm going to be there for josh ritter. tsinaws party at the smee busby office!
loyal readers: wave at us and we might let you up. if you're lucky.

The Modern Gal said...

the college kids are almost all gone for the summer, right? Maybe the crowds will ease soon. I still haven't made it yet this summer but may try for Josh Ritter.

benjamin said...

don't forget the hackensaw boys - they know how to get down...