Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Robert is recently returned to Knoxville for “School Take Two: Master’s Edition.” Fresh from the streets of New York, Robert brings with him a passion for urban living, and is excited to bear witness to Knoxville’s current evolution.

Robert has a thirst for travel, and enjoys: looking up words, fine cuisine, talking about planning to play tennis, reading about design and being a full time student.

If you ever find yourself on the 100 Block, feel free to give a shout out to the humble blogger. Sadly, he posts under his real name, so identification should not be an issue


Anonymous said...

robert! i am so glad you are here! yay for nerds united!

also! you MUST share with us how you figured out how to cross words out in blogger!!!! MUST!!!! NOW!!!! DO IT!!!

Robert said...

Here's the dilly:

write it in Word, Copy and Paste into the posting text box (at which point my computer pastes it below the text box - no clue why). From there, highlight and drag the text into the text box. The strikethrough formatting should have been preserved. et viola!

Simple? Not so much. Effective? On this blogger's Mac, Yes!

Anonymous said...

Robert - Thank you for your kind words regarding The Parlor Brown Bag Lunches. A little bird told me to check out this blog on account of your write up. I love this blog!
Sincerely, Jen Rock

Anonymous said...

Hard to figure out how to email you guys. Perhaps that's intentional.

The Henley Bridge closure is a great opportunity for Knoxville. Check out the video:Bridge Closure: Opportunity for Knoxville

Regards, George Scott, GWBScott@knology.net

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