Monday, May 19, 2008

a wigshop freshman

The writer line up is shifting at the Wigshop. We say farewell to Lucas, though we hope he will stop by and post occasionally from his new city. Reginold has been put out to pasture as a occasional contributor, though I suspect we haven't seen the last of his nonsensical ramblings here.

You may notice a new face in the sidebar: Robert, recently of Nashville, has unwittingly volunteered to the time-consuming obsession that is this blog. Not knowing the fame and legions of blog fans that will soon be his, he has foolishly chosen his real name as his handle. So be kind if you see him on the sidewalk. We hope that Robert will bring the fresh insight of a person new to Knoxville life, unstained by the cynicism that countless Vol football seasons induce. I'll let him tell more about himself in his upcoming debut post.

Unfortunately, Wigshop fans, the winds of change have not stopped blowing. We'll keep you updated as we plod along, figuring things out.