Wednesday, May 21, 2008

from knoxville with love

after two glorious years in knoxville, i am moving to st. louis and figured i'd make one last post. so without further ado, here is lucas's best of knoxville:

best overall spot: back room bbq - the barbecue is great, they have DEEP FRIED CORN ON THE COB, the back patio is a great hangout, they have horseshoes if you are so inclined.

best bar: barley's - huge selection, great deals, spacious interior, cool patio, good food

best bar atmosphere: patrick sullivan's - the booths are straight from 1762

best nice restaurant: northshore brasserie - if you ever get the chance to eat here, i would recommend it wholeheartedly

hidden gems of knoxville: ijams nature center, sam's cafe (locust & main), the bowling alley in the basement of the UC

best place to play darts: downtown grill and brewery

best fish tacos: la costa

best blog: the sunsphere is not a wigshop

it's been a wild ride, knoxville. thanks for all the memories.


Mickey said...

St. Louie, huh? Yikes. Good luck, man.

ck said...

we'll miss you man. nothing to do now but celebrate all weekend on all the various bar patios you love. and deep fried corn WILL be involved!

Anonymous said...

lucas! i like your list! have fun in st. louis. take care of those jungs for me.