Saturday, May 31, 2008

Downtown Handyman... Sort of

I used a gentleman by the name of Bill Harding to do some home remodeling work for me recently and I feel compelled to do a glowing write up on him in order to do his work justice. Bill is a full service kind of guy, he came out to my place twice prior to working and sat down with me discussing all of the options.

He does electrical, plumbing, carpentry, and anything else you can imagine and his work is incredibly solid. He will shoot you straight on estimates, materials and labor and is a guy you can trust not to tear up your house when he comes (unless thats what you hired him to do).

The only down side is he is not exactly from downtown, though I'm going to forgive that for now. His location is more than made up for by his trustworthiness and fair dealing, his hard work and task oriented approach, and his willingness to not kick me out of my house while I watched him do his thing.

I highly recommend him for whatever you need done around the house, the church, or the office, he does it all and does it well.

Bill Harding

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Mickey said...

Dang! He does fantastic landscaping too, apparently. I mean, that place looked like a desert before he got to work on it!