Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sunsphere Politics

I thought I'd direct everyone's attention to a new blog we set up a few days ago for The Pol's campaign: For those of you who haven't been paying attention, our esteemed Pol is running for the District 1-A seat on the County Board of Commissioners. In an attempt by The Man to keep him down, Pol can't get on the ballot. Even though he's running independently and election is still months away, the political parties have made it so ALL candidates have to register before the primary, regardless of if they are actually running in the primary. Not willing to take that sitting down, he's running as a a write-in candidate.

But you can't write in "The Pol" on the ballot, now can you? So I'm officially outing him. The Pol is John C. Spellings. His friends call him Cullin (among other things). You can call him Commissioner Spellings, once you write him into office.

He lives in downtown and knows its virtues and faults intimately. I think he'll bring the insight of a younger, urban generation to the government- the same generation that is whole-heartedly embracing and reviving downtown Knoxville. We need that vision in Knox County.

So if your tired of reading blogs that just analyze politics, go straight to the source and see what kind of guy The Pol is and what he thinks needs to change in Knox County government. We hope that this new blog will also be a forum for discussion, a place where problems and solutions can be put forth. Check it out and get the conversation rolling.

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Mickey said...

This is bordering on inspirational.