Monday, March 24, 2008

A Stan Abroad

Well, the sunsphere has been a little slow recently.

CK is building a new house, The Pol is running for office, Em is working out like an American Gladiator (the old one not the one with Hollywood Hulk Hogan), Lucas is somewhere in New York, and Regi is... well it's regi so....

But today we are here to discuss our friend Stan (who has been ignoring us for the past week)

Stan has bee globetrotting throughout asia and has been reticent in his communications.
So on his behalf I'll give you a short synopsis of his travels.

First he went to Korea :
where he met this lovely person. He alos got to hang out with our friend and forbearer alittlekorean. Apparently Stan didn't eat dog, but he did get his share of karaoke (noribong) and a chance to see what it is like living in a country that is technically still at war.

but now he is in India, Mumbai to be exact (or if you prefer the colonial names, Bombay).
Stan prefers the traditional form of travel to really get in touch with his imperialist roots. As we have heard nothing from him we must assume that he is miserable and misses his beautiful city. We wish him a speedy voyage home as he rides cattle car between two large texans. Hurry on home Stan, we miss you.


Anonymous said...

well, if stan is online and misses the sunsphere, he can check out my blog today for a couple of pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

if i know anything about anything, i can pretty much guarantee that stan is miserable right now.

miss youuuuuuuu stan!

regi said...

regi is too busy having a life, living that life and then occasionally stopping by at the wigshop to see if people are talking about him. Of course they are. Thanks for the shout out. write in the pol or john or spellings, no maybe it's the pol. i'm so confused! i don't know who not to vote for. jk.

regi said...

stan can you bring me back something from the bombay company? maybe something with ivory in it.

ck said...

it will always be bombay to me...
i'll try to keep up posting here at the wigshop. building a house by yourself is no excuse.