Friday, March 07, 2008

heads up, blog world

Check out this letter in this week's "Incoming" in the Metropulse:

Attention Cyber People

Metro Pulse will be revamping its website soon and introducing such 21st century innovations as online videos, photo galleries, and bloggers. If you’d like to join us in this bold journey into the future, then show us what you’d like to share with our audience. We’re looking for:
# Local bloggers who have a keen interest in tackling certain aspects of Knoxville life.
# Photographers or artists with distinctive views of Knoxville.
# Local filmmakers with cool clips. is partnering with to create a repository for the best of local video. You can find more details at either website.

Send your bona fides to:


The Pol said...

em did you send her our info.

that could be soooo cool.

ck said...

i think you have to individually sign up. i saw the same thing and th0ought about it. i think i would only do it if they would incorporate articles i'm writing for the two blogs i already have. two is enough!