Monday, March 17, 2008

A Clearer Picture Emerging

It seems that the Redflex red light cameras are stirring up the pudding elsewhere in the blogosphere as well. Instapundit and Michael Silence have both done posts on the issue today.

By the way, the city just installed two more in front of West Town Mall. We have to come up with a way to stop this. The proof continues to pile up that these things are a net negative for our drivers both in number of wreck and in the way their money is funneled to another state under the guise of law enforcement. In other instances this would be considered money laundering, but unfortunately when the government does it there apparently is no conflict.

I have called repeatedly for and end to this privatization of law enforcement but the county is apparently deaf on this issue as well. Yet again, showing that our problems stem from a local government that is completely out of touch with its citizens.

As County Commissioner for District 1A I will fight for an end to this abuse of power and to restore the trust of people in its elected officials.

Write-in Spellings, Write out Nepotism


Anonymous said...

If you can convince Knoxvillian's to stop running the red lights then you'll dry up revenue and turn them into a cost for the city. Perhaps if they're a "cost" to the bottom line we'll all have a better case.

ck said...

that's a good point- the revenue generated by the lights is unsustainable. as they are more successful, they will produce less ticket money, thus eventually becoming a cost. I'd rather put that tax money to a few more policemen (or women) on the road, who can watch for traffic violations as well as respond to more serious criminal activity. more bang for our buck. and another job for a local person, which means that money that stays in our community.

Mickey said...

Spellings in '08!