Wednesday, March 19, 2008

computer help

Hi, sorry to not post anything substantial for a while and then post something extremely lame like this, but...

Does anyone know a good, reputable and reasonable PC Repair place in town?

I would appreciate your input.

And just to give this sorry excuse for a post some flavor: Hey! How was your St. Patrick's Day? Any fun stories? Guess what I did? I went to bed at 9:30!

But I did enjoy a car bomb on Saturday night at Pat Sullivan's, my new fave knox bar, despite it's uncomfortable booths.

Post your crazy stories in comments.


Anonymous said...

i listened to a mariachi band play 'margaritaville' (in english... with heavy accents) and 'it's a small world after all' (in spanish!) at a mexican restaurant in destin, fla.

Mickey said...

Those booths are uncomfortable. They fit the atmosphere, though.

the value of the plain said...

I haven't used this place before, but it was recommended to me. It's on Emory Road.

p.s. The people who live across from me all play instruments...including a pan flute. I listened to them play Irish music until the weeeeee hours on St. Patrick's day.

ck said...

you have an ibook, right?
there's an independent apple repair shop on broadway, across from broadway sound. i haven't used them, but i think i might try them after my applecare expires.

Anonymous said...

I do have an ibook, but I am looking for PC repair because I also have a PC. I actually do have to get my mac tuned up but I think I will take it right to the apple store.