Monday, March 31, 2008

Downtown Dentite

So at the risk of plagarising Seinfeld I am here to proclaim that I am not an anti-dentite any longer.

I went to my first dentist appointment at my new dentist and was very pleased. Dr. Rudder is a downtown dentist who is conveniently located in the, wait for it, yes the Medical Arts Building. Not only is the location fantastic, the building is great with a truly Art Deco Motif and funky metal work inside. I love it.

Back to the dentist though. the office is cozy, the people are friendly the service is fast and the magazines are mostly new.

I got a cleaning and x rays and was in and out within 45 minutes. Dr. Rudder is very personable and welcoming and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a checkup or something more.

I have only one question I have is:

Why do they always put the film in your mouth, the lead vest over your core, tell you there's no worry about the xrays and then leave the room while shooting radiation at your head? Maybe that's me just being a worrier.

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ck said...

"bittersweet symphony" playing on his site is a nice touch- though a little ironic, considering mouths are his business.

Anonymous said...

Did you get that mailing he sent out a few months ago?

I actually thought about switching to him bc I'm not too thrilled with my current dentist (who actually just got a very bad review online), and because his office is housed in a very, very depressing strip-mall type building that makes me feel creepy and lonely inside.

stan said...

personally, i like to get a little radiation when i go to the dentist. if i'm feeling really frisky, i ask to be x-rayed sans flak jacket. i'm not sure about the shrunken face on my abdomen, but that jittery feeling i get from the ray gun is worth the price of admission...checkup.

Mickey said...

I can't follow that.

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