Friday, March 07, 2008

first friday (march)

Well, First Friday is back tonight for the March edition. We've covered the regular stuff extensively, so check it out if you've never been. I won't repeat what's already been posted, but it's always a good time.

Hopefully this Friday will have a better offering of art than last month. February was a strange First Friday. Deka Bakari Gallery got the Award for Most Pornographic Painting. Gallery 1010 made me reconsider eating sausages ever, at least not without thinking of their phallic connotations. There was good stuff too. Unarmed Merchants on Gay Street was a welcome addition, with good eats and kegs on an awesome back porch.

There's one new installation in a different place that I'm aware of for tonight: a friend of mine, Raven Toney, is exhibiting "ressurectionsdesign" in the space next to Nama. He's a carpenter that specializes in reworking old salvaged wood into cool new furniture. So definitely go check it out.

First Friday Tip O' The Month:
The Best Eats
One of my favorite things about First Friday is the free food. But don't fill up on just anything! Not all art exhibits are created equal in terms of free grub. Here's the lowdown:
(1) The Emporium is consistent with lots of good stuff. Bring on the meatballs! They have a kitchen so it won't run out usually. Save this for for your last stop, but get there before 9:00. (2) Unarmed Merchants: two words- "Pasta Trio." This isn't you usual cheese platter. They went all out with catering, we'll see if they keep it up this month. (3) Deka Bakari: they're way off the beaten path for most First Friday goers, so they try to lure us down Gay Street with a delicious spread of food. It's well worth the walk. Most of other places have OK food, but focus on the above galleries first before they run out of the good stuff.


Shauna said...

Dude. I heard about Raven so much when I was there but I never actually met him.

ck said...

he's a cool guy. i forgot that you were here when all that discussion was going on.

Anonymous said...

If he's the Raven Toney from Los Angeles - he is one of the coolest and an incredibly talented craftsman....

Anonymous said...

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