Tuesday, March 25, 2008

attention font nerds

If you, like me, have an unreasonable interest in typefaces, you may be a "font nerd." Come join your brethren at a screening of Helevtica, a documentary about a font. That's right, you heard me. Not just any font, a font that has enraptured design junkies for 50 years. Many of you may recognize it from its derivatives like the ubiquitous Arial.

Why would you want to watch a a documentary about a font?

If you have to ask, you probably shouldn't come.

Where: Knoxville Museum of Art

When: Thursday, 7:00 PM


Mickey said...

Actually, I love it when a book devotes a page at the back to explain the typeface employed and its history.

I read an article fairly recently about Helvetica. Maybe it was in relation to this documentary.

ck said...

i got obsessed one day and read all the articles on sans serif fonts in wikipedia. it really is interesting to see their history and development.

go look at www.typophile.com
it's a good point of reference for current trends and histories of fonts.

Mickey said...

ck- Good thing I don't have much to do at work today. I got a little lost in Typophile.

cmp said...

Thanks for the link. See you at the KMA if you make it out.

ck said...

no problem.
hope to see your photographs on first friday, but i'm not sure i'll make it across the river. will they be on display for a while? nice blog too- everyone go check it out, it's on the sidebar now.