Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Knoxville "rocks"

Ok, so I hate puns, well kind of, but I couldn't pass this one up. My wife was driving on Sherrill Road the other day and bam!!

Yep, that's my windshield. A rock nearly came through the glass- I kid you not. I'd bash West K-Town for this if I didn't think I'd get a lot of hate mail for it. But two days later and a call to my insurance company (which coincidentally I work for) and it's all better. Thanks Glassmasters, you guys sure know how to take the pane out of Knoxville. (sorry again for the pun)

Oh- also, as an aside, I learned another lesson today. No leftover fish for lunch in the company break room. Apparently it stinks a bit. I've learned my lesson though- it was oh so scrumptious.

And remember everyone: Write in Spellings


ck said...

maybe some west knox resident recognized you as that young pseudo hipster downtown candidate and threw a rock at you.
now you're not just famous... you're INfamous!

Mickey said...

And INfamous is way cooler.

Suzy Trotta said...

Darn! Now you know how we spend our time in West Knoxville when we're not at Starbucks or looking for more land to develop! Foiled again!

Anonymous said...

west knox karma's a mutha innit?


ck said...

welcome back, smoochies.
we've missed your controversial statements.

stan said...

ouch. i'm glad your wife is alright after that one. but judging by the placement of the rock, looks like your visibility is going to be all-right as well.

it's ok, you can laugh. i won't tell anyone you appreciate cheap, unoriginal humor.

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