Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Hi Knoxvillians everywhere, sorry for the lack in posts on Em's behalf lately. This little Knoxvillian has been very busy and has consequentially been spending little to no time whatsoever in Knox-town. I've actually been hitting the road for the great Smoky Mountain National Park a lot lately, and I am very reticent to reveal my thoughts about my favorite trails, locations, secret spots, etc., because I dont like to share. Sorry.

And I have, as the Pol stated earlier, however, been running my ass off, perhaps American Gladiator style. I hope not too much though, because those people scare me y'all! That dude named Blaze? Blazer? Laser? Does anyone else think that the new American Gladiators is a lot like a scene from Zoolander? Only, like, not a joke? Weird, weird stuff. Hulk Hogan scares me, and so does his daughter.

Anyway, guess what?! Marathon weekend is upon us! I have decided not to run the half but rather am participating in an awesome relay, which we have named "Bootcamp Blondes." I am the last leg, and I am super pumped to run through SoKno and Downtown!

So...who's running? Which race? Are you excited?


Mickey said...

Nay, I'm not running. No excuses. I do hope to get out for a race or two this spring, though. Maybe that off-road series or something.

If it's not raining like it was last year for the marathon, I may drag myself out of bed to cheer on those less lazy.

ck said...

sorry, i might die if i tried it. i've always been more partial to racing with the assistance of technology, with like, say, the bicycle. my feet have always thanked me for that.
good luck!

Unknown said...

I'm doing the half, my wife's doing the full. Ironically, I signed up for the full, and my wife signed up for the half. She's a maniac, and I'm a wuss. Me and my family will be hanging out at La Costa after I finish, waiting for my wife and enjoying the music of my tennis buddy, Kirk Fleta.